Go Grassroots!

Please take that little extra step. Don‘t just donate. Participate. By sharing the stories of LGBTQ youth, your own stories, or stories of those you care about, we‘ll all do our part to make this campaign successful. Money will be raised. But more importantly, lives will be saved.

Quick ways to share

It just takes a minute to make a huge difference, so let‘s get started!

1. Publish it!

One click tells the world you care about LGBTQ youth, and they should care, too! Use any or all of the icons below to post a link to this site.

2. Get involved

Do what you can in “real-time” to support LGBTQ youth. Talk about it at work. At social events. At the park. Throw a “Save LGBTQ youth lives” party, and ask your guests to donate anything they can towards the cause. Find out what you can do in your own community to get involved. Volunteer your time at local agencies. Visit Hetrick-Martin Institute if you‘re in New York. Become a supporter. It just takes a little bit to make a huge difference. Get creative! Share ideas of ways to help raise money and support. And have fun!

3. Show support

Rally your friends and family to donate in honor of anything you choose. Do you want to motivate your school to give? Donate in their name. Want to honor someone‘s life? Donate in their name. Have a special person in your life to recognize? Donate in their name. Just check the box to “donate in the name of...” when you‘re in the donation process, and then don‘t forget to tell others to give in honor of that name as well.

“I will never forget what it was like coming out and having nobody to look up toward.”

Harvey Milk

Image and quote used with permission from the Harvey Milk Archives - Scott Smith Collection, Gay & Lesbian Center, San Francisco Public Library.