A history of hope

Levi Strauss & Co. (LS&CO.) has a long history of commitment to equality and social justice. LS&CO. has been a pioneer in issues of particular concern to the LGBTQ community. From progressive employment policies and practices to marketing campaigns and partnerships to funding HIV-prevention and social-justice organizations through the Levi Strauss Foundation, LS&CO. leads by example through actions rather than words.

History of hope timeline

Early 1980s
First major corporate foundation to fund HIV/AIDS organizations (then GRID - Gay-related Immune Deficiency). Co-founder of Business Coalition on AIDS
First Fortune 500 company to provide domestic partnership health benefits
Nondiscrimination/non-harassment policies expanded to include gender identity
LS&CO. is only company in California to file an amicus brief with the CA Supreme Court supporting same-sex marriage
Proudly co-chairs the No on Prop. 8 Business Council

LS&CO. Continuously

Levi Strauss Foundation

The Levi Strauss Foundation funds organizations that address the stigma and discrimination associated with actual or perceived HIV status including homophobia.

Among other nonprofit organizations supporting the LGBTQ community, the foundation has provided multi-year support for organizations such as:

Special thanks to campaign supporters

Many people and organizations have helped make the “Give Them Hope” campaign come to life. Our thanks go out to all those who have donated time and services.

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